Senjo "On a night like this..." Restarant-exclusive Series

Senjo "On a night like this..." Restarant-exclusive Series

Senjo "On a night like this..." Restarant-exclusive Series

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Located at the foot of the Southern Alps, Senjo has been crafting delicious sake from its blessed natural environment since the Edo Period (late 19th Century). Gratitude for mother nature, a desire to protect it, and the creatures that call it home are at the very heart of the concept behind “On a night like this.” The theme is “the indigenous creatures of Shinshu looking up at the moon,” as illustrated on the label designs of each of the 5 bottles.

  1. Senjo Junmai Ginjo Salamander
    The ultimate expression of Manotsuru & their most premium offering. Made using the cost intensive drip method to create a brew that is smooth as silk, yet with a flavor of melons that is both deep & clear. Elegance with clarity of flavours. This is the Shizuku portion of the famous Manotsuru Maho Daiginjo, which represents around 5-8% of the production. Very limited production, it is both gorgeous and elegant.
  2. Senjo Karakuchi Junmai Rock Ptarmigan
    The driest and most easy-drinking sake of the series. Aroma of banana, steamed rice and citrus peel. Easy drinking, surprisingly rich with a fine balance of acidity and umami.
  3. Senjo Junmai Ginjo Mountain Trout
    Rich sake with hints of pear and apple. It has some flavours of umami and sea salt on the palate, and has a refreshing finish. It uses Nagano D Yeast with classic Nagano sakamai. Goes especially well with grilled fish and skewer-food.
  4. Senjo Tokubetsu Junmai Deer Horn
    This sake is aromatic, fresh and rich with the notes of tropical fruits. Goes well with meaty and rich dishes.
  5. Senjo Junmai Daiginjo Full Moon
    Made using a new strain of sakamai, Sankeinishiki. Very clean and balannced. Mild and smooth taste. Natural and elegant aroma. It shows a full structure in the middle, with hints fo apple and eartiness.
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