Juyondai Honmaru

Juyondai Honmaru Tokubetsu Honjozo

Juyondai Honmaru

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Japanese Name
十四代 本丸 秘伝玉返し

Honmaru means "the original one". Refreshing and sweet flavours, with a rich and velvety mouthfeel, it has an off-dry finish. This tokubetsu honjozo is polished down to 55%, and the jozo alcohol added to it is made in-house.

This is probably the Signature Juyondai Sake. This sake has great mouthfeel and texture. With loads of umami, this goes very easily with most food. Good pairing with Raw Oysters and Sashimi.

Bottled on August 2023

Grade Tokubetsu Honjozo
Polishing Ratio 55%
Rice Type Gohyakumangoku
Alcohol 15%
Prefecture Yamagata
Brewery Takagi Shuzo


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Customer Reviews
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Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

Never underestimate a Honjozo

Sake is well-balanced, rich and flavourful with depth and complexity; on the initial sip, you'll find notes of pear, lemon-barley, and cotton candy. It finishes off with a rich liquorice/mandarin orange aftertaste. Very delicious and impressive.

Inter Rice Asia  Review
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

Sake is well-balanced, rich with depth and complexity

Appearance: Clear, pale, lemon-green appearance with high viscosity and some bubblings observed. Nose: Sake has clean nose, with medium (-) intensity in aroma, in notes of Ginjo (pear), fruitty (mandarin orange), and others (cotton candy, liquorice). Palate: Sake is medium dry, with high umami and acidity, medium level of perceived alcohol, medium body with velvety texture and medium (+) flavour intensity in notes of Ginjo (pear), fruity (mandarin orange), and others (cotton candy, liquorice). Sake has a medium finished; the sweet and sourness of pears, which eventually develops into and end with some slight bitterness of liquorice and mandarin orange. Conclusion: Sake is well-balanced, rich with depth and complexity, and refreshing with the acidity and bubbling mouth-feel. Strangely enough, the Honjozo cast the strongest impression out of the five.

Inter Rice Asia  Review
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

Strong Vanilla mixed with a subtle pear fragrance

Juyondai 十四代Honmaru 本丸秘伝玉返し Tokubetsu Honjozo 55% Seimai Buai Color - Light Green Aroma - Vanilla, �, Steam � Taste - Light Umami - Medium First impression - Lively Body - Light Sweetness - Medium Dry Tail/length - Medium Overall - Have heard so much about 十四代 being top of the range must try�. Thanks to my lovely wife’s anniversary gift to me that I managed to try my bottle of Juyondai. Retailing at SGD800+ per Isshobin bottle. It is indeed an expensive �. Bought it to my best buddy’s place to enjoy with the best company and the best �. The sake is indeed a very good sake. It’s strong vanilla aroma mixed with a subtle � fragrance gives it a medium dry sweetness. It is a fairly easy to drink �with low acidity and feels clean down the palate. �from Yamagata prefecture, is usually well known for being clean, light, �. Exactly the characteristics of this bottle. With a light and well balanced body, it really goes well with � if served at Suzu Hie and drink from a wine glass.

Inter Rice Asia  ReviewInter Rice Asia  Review
Daniel K.
Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

Honmaru delight

finished the bottle in 1 sitting at our regular neighbourhood party. sake was not our regular drink so we didn't know what to expect. but the drink was delightful, the mood lifted and it was 1 乾杯 after another. this is highly recommended for parties

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