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For the individuals who prefer to drink their sake warm, this is the set for you. 3 sakes from the 3 distinct regions of Japan, Saijo - Hiroshima, Himeiji - Hyogo & Eiheiji - Fukui. All 3 are great chilled, and excellent warmed! 


Sake is a unique alcohol because it can be enjoyed at various temperatures. Its an interesting trend where in the 80s and 90s, almost all sake was drunk warmed. After that, chilled sake become the trend, and warm sakes become viewed as lower quality. Now there are sake bars in Singapore showcasing sakes enjoyed warm, with a sommelier called an okanban managing the temperatures of your sakes drunk.

For this 3 sake selections we have sakes from different famous areas of Japan. They are also made in different styles. 

The first sake is from Fukui, which is home to many famous brands like Kokuryu, Born, Denshin etc.  They have 2 distinct styles, dry & crisp, and deep & mellow. The owner/toji of Echizen Misaki used to work in the famous kokuryu brewery. A lot of their sakes are made to be enjoyed at different temperatures, irrespective of grades.

Sake no.2 is from Saijo Hiroshima, which is one of the most famous brewing towns in Japan. Hiroshima was the place where Ginjo type sake brewing techniques was first established, and is home to the National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB). It hosts the most influential sake contest in Japan, the Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai (National New Sake Competition). Saijo hosts one of the largest sake festivals in October, and draws crowds up to 200,000 people. Saijo town is concentrated around sake brewing and you can visit up to 8 breweries within 30mins.

Sake No.3 comes from another famous brewing area of Japan. Located in Himeiji, Hyogo, it is home to the famous Himeiji White Castle. The area was award Geographical Indication (GI) status. This is a place of origin identifier, which denotes the particular sake of the area has a special quality and reputation. This area is also known for growing the highest quality Yamadanishiki rice in Japan.

Sake Selection

1) Echizen Misaki Junmai Ginjo Nakadori
Prefecture: Eiheji, Fukui 

A premium grade undiluted Junmai Ginjo, Nakadori refers to the middle portion of the sake vat, which is usually the highest quality. Lush and full, settled and deep. Amazing complexity for a Junmai Ginjo.

2) Kamoizumi Junmai Hajime
Prefecture: Saijo, Hiroshima 

Rich and traditional style of sake, this Junmai has sharp notes of dried fruit, spice, and hinoki wood. Intense on the palette with a refreshing acidity and umami makes this a favourite when it comes to food pairing. 

3) Nadagiku Junmai
Prefecture: Himeiji, Hyogo 

The flavor changes according to temperature: It is fresh when it's chilled, gently sweet when warmed, firm & crisp when it's hot. Rich yet clean and free of off-flavors, with a slightly dry aftertaste. Goes well with roast beef and tempura.