Taiten Shiragiku Sunrise Series

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“Sunrise is the first thing unveiled to the world every day”. It is also the meaning of Asahi, the rice used by Taiten Shiragiku to make the 3 sake from its Concept Workers Sunrise series.

Of the 3 sakes, the red colour is based on the image of the vermilion of a shrine, gold signifies the sun, while the blue represents the Seto Inland Sea.

This series won gold medal in the Junmai Ginjo Design category of the "Milan Sake Challenge" held in Italy!

Sake Selection

Rice: Asahi

Luxurious aroma reminiscent of grapes, pears, and pineapples. A clear and refreshing impression comes when you drink. You can feel a rich taste at the finish.

2) TAITEN SHIRAGIKU "Sunrise" Yellow Origarami Nama
Rice: Asahi

Elegant and refreshing aroma like green apples. You can feel a fizzy texture at first, juicy flavour, and umami spread in your mouth and disappears soon. 

3) TAITEN SHIRAGIKU "Sunrise" Blue Jikagumi Nama
Rice: Asahi

Elegant aroma reminiscent of pears and apples. A fizzy texture unique to "Jikagumi" and umami derived from ageing are well-balanced.