Sudachi Sensation Bundle

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International Fruit Day is just round the corner, come celebrate with our selection of limited fruit-themed bundles! Including classics like Sakari Yuzu to crowd favourites like Kawatsuru Strawberry Nigori, there's something for everyone!

Sudachi Sensation Bundle

Sudachi — a cross between yuzu and a native Japanese orange. It is usually served as a garnish with many traditional Japanese dishes that include fish, noodles, tempura and some alcohol beverages. It is considered to have a zestier flavor and aroma than lemons or limes, and sudachi juice is used as an alternative to vinegar for many dishes. Enjoy a refreshing and citrusy Sudachi beverage with this bundle!

Sake Selection

1) Narutotai Sudachi Sake

The fruity aroma and refreshing acidity of sudachi is a specialty of Tokushima Prefecture. It is slightly sweet, refreshing and crisp. Can be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks! This sake is a real easy drinker, pairs well with salty dishes.

2) Narutotai Muroka Nama Sudachi

It is a liqueur made with "blue tangerines" picked shortly before "Wenzhou tangerines" produced in Ehime Prefecture are colored. Mixing it with carbonated or cold water produces a "blue tangerine chu hai"!

Chuhai is a kind of Japanese cocktail generally made by mixing "shochu", a traditional Japanese distilled alcohol somewhat similar to vodka, with carbonated waterr. The word "chuhai" is a portmanteau of "shochu" and "highball", the latter being a cocktail of whiskey and soda.