On-Nomi #42 Crowd Favourite for Namazakes

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From 5 of Sake On-nomi #42 sakes, down to the top 3 voted namazakes of the night! 5% off this the Crowd Favourite Bundle for Namazakes! 

Sake Selection

1) Kiminoi Honjozo Nama 
Rice: Gohyaku Mangoku 

Aromas of wheatgrass, brazil nut and cheese. Creamy and full bodied, yet clean and light. Great pairing with sashimi as it does not overpower the taste and removes the fishiness. Great as a palate cleanser as well. 

2) Kamoizumi Junmai Daiginjo Nama 
Rice: Yamadanishiki 

"A finesse, high class sake." Elegant with aromas of white flowers and steamed mochi. Gentle nuttiness of peanut/cashew with an almost undetectable hint of fennel.
Notes of pronounced rice, melon and banana, yet smooth and lean. Very long creamy and nutty finish with fruitiness that lingers. Great with grilled fish/seafood or cooked white meat. 

3) Dewazakura Junmai Ginjo Dewasansan Namagenshu
Rice: Dewasansan

This nama has a good mix of all things nama. Nutty with a bit of brie cheese yet interestingly having interesting fruity notes of winter melon, persimmon and jackfruit.
Acidity on the forefront and slight green herbaceous at the end.