Okayama Time Travel Theme Bundle

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Time travel with us into the past, present and future! We think this is the best bundle to compare and learn about how sake has progressed over time, reinventing sakes from ancient techniques and modern technology. Such a cool brewery Tsuji Honten/Gozenshu is. 


This theme bundles shows off the progression of the Tsuji Honten, which has a very young team. The team come together because the old toji(brewmaster) and brewery owner passed away suddenly in quick succession.

Here, we we feature 3 sakes made with the same rice and polish, with a tradition technique, modern technique, and progressive technique. 

All the sakes here, are brewed using, Bodaimoto, an age old method pre-dating even the Kimoto method, and the Omachi Rice. This is quite a feat, as Omachi Rice is one of the most unpredictable rice to brew with.  

The 1st sake shows off the brewery's tradition style of brewing. Dry, aged, mellow. It does reveal an ojisan (uncle) preference of sake.

The 2nd Sake is a progression of a modern favourite. The unpasteurised and undiluted style of sake. This sake is also aged, but in a sub-zero storage facility. The team invested a tidy sum into building a large sub-zero warehouse just beside their brewery. When aged at cold temperatures, the sake gains more complexity without developing the typical soya, honey, molasses notes.

The 3rd sake combines old techniques and rice with an unusually style of making sake, Kijoshu, which replaces some brewing water in the fermentation tank with already brewed sake. Basically they use sake to brew sake. Inception!

Sake Selection

1) Gozenshu Traditional Junmai 

There is a brewing method called "Kanzen hakou - complete fermentation," which uses up all the sugar produced by the rice through slow fermentation. Using the bodaimoto process, they have brewed a fully fermented junmai-shu. 

2) Gozenshu Modern Junmai Namagenshu 

The time axis of "ice temperature storage" creates both a thick and luscious tastes  with lively freshness. This is a fine example of how modern technology revolutionises and creates new flavour profiles that was not possible in the past. 

3Gozenshu Progressive Kijoshu 

This is their unique interpretation of  Kijoshu, which involves staking a Bodaimoto Junmai-shu with another Bodaimoto Junmai-shu. The dense character of Bodaimoto yet clear and transparent palate is what they consider the modern and sublimated Yasiori no Sake.