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Get the best of Nagano Sakes that are brewed with rice types unique to the Nagano Prefecture. One of them even features a new rice variant registered in 2020! 


Nagano Prefecture is the latest Geographic Indication for Sake in Japan. This is the 3rd prefecture, and the 10th area with GI status.

While 10th in production volume, Nagano has the 2nd most number of sake breweries in Japan. Their sakes tend to be rich, fuller and sweeter, especially compared with their neighbors, Niigata. Nagano is a leader in developing sake rice and yeast. Their No.7 yeast is the more widely used yeast in sake making.

Miyamanishiki is their most widely grown sake rice strain. it is no3 in terms of tonnage. It is large, with a large shimpaku and low protein. Importantly, it thrive in low temperature and high altitude. It leads to sake that is rich, full, layered, yet sharp, crisp and light.

Kinmonnishiki quite a rare rice strain that has yamadanishiki as a parent. It is quite difficult to grow and handle, however, it produces distinctive, complex and well rounded aroma. It is a hard rice, so that creates light and clean flavours.

Sankeinishiki (山恵錦) is Nagano's newly developed rice by the Nagano Prefecture Agricultural Laboratory in 2017 to create a sake rice that can withstand the harsh winters of Nagano. It is now a newly registered sake rice (2020) from Nagano. With a high ratio of shimpaku, passed down from its parent Dewanosato, it have sweeping flavours that is great for making Junmai sakes, especially with a clean finish.


Sake Selection

1) Imanishiki Junmai Ginjo Miyamanishiki
Rice: Miyama-nishiki

Notes of ripe red apple, Stone fruit, melon & plums. Lovely elegant perfumed notes, a citrus palate with a pleasant bitterness and saltiness.

2) Imanishiki Junmai Ginjo Kinmonnishiki
Rice: Kinmon-nishiki

Good acidity and well balanced. Notes of Lychee, green apple and peach compote with a soft and delicate mouthfeel.

3) Imanishiki Junmai Ginjo Sankeinishiki
Rice: Sankei-nishiki (crossbred between Yamadanishiki & Yumenshinano)
Savoury with a fruity spice on the nose. Complex with stone fruit flavours. Smooth and rich, with intense flavour of butterscotch, green apple, red wet stone. Layered and vibrant, brilliantly balanced, and surprisingly complex.