Keigetsu Autumn Theme Bundle

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Autumn is here! We have brought in Aki-agari sakes to celebrate the start of another brewing year. Love our Keigetsu Junmai Daiginjo Cel24? Try the Aki-agari version here and taste the difference between a normal sake and "summer-aged" one. 

Limited edition, less than 20 sets available this season.


What is Aki-agari and how did the name come about? Aki means Autumn and Aki-agari are sakes that are brewed in winter/spring and aged through summer. It is then pasteurized for the second time and distributed when Autumn comes, making it an Autumn sake!

During the storing process, sake quality improves as it becomes milder and better-balanced. Since Autumn marks the start of a new brewing season, Aki-agari (and Hiyaoroshi) sakes are released as the latest/newest products for the year and season. 

Sake Selection

1) Keigetsu Junmai Daiginjo Ginnoyume Aki-agari
Rice: Gin No Yume | Polishing Ratio: 50%  | Medium Dry 

Aroma of pineapple and apple that accompanies the delicate taste of peach. Interestingly, it finishes with a tingle of light spice. 

2) Keigetsu Junmai Daiginjo CEL24 Aki-agari
Rice: Gin No Yume | Polishing Ratio: 50% | Medium Sweet 

Our normal Cel24 needs almost no introduction. With Aki-agari version, the sake transform into a juicier and denser version with aromas of pineapple, strawberry and kiwi. Still the tropical sake we love, but the mellowness makes it so much easier to drink! It also lingers with a long citrus finish.

3) Keigetsu Aikawahomare Yamahai Junmai Aki-agari
Rice: Gin No Yume | Polishing Ratio: 58% | Medium Dry 

Yamahai + summer-aged is quite a combination. It starts with an impact and mellow out into umami-filled palate with whiffs of light pear and melon. Finishes round, making you want to take your next sip right away!