Gozenshu Ukigumo Junmai Nigori

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An evolution of Gozenshu’s best-selling Bodaimoto Nigori and collaboration with clothing brand BEAMS JAPAN.

This lightly nigorizake, which is unpasteurized and has a low alcohol content, is lightly sweet and sour, "like a fluffy drifting cloud”. Through the repeated trial and error process of this collaboration, the brewery created this avant-garde sake that will reconstruct the traditional Bodaimoto.

The deformed cloud and mountain graphics on the label represent the mountains of Hiruzen Sanza”, the current location of the Tsuji Honten sake brewery since its establishment. Three mountains, Upper, Middle, and Lower Hiruzen, are located east of Hoki Daisen, where the two rice plants that became Omachi were harvested, and are called Hiruzen Sanza. The water flowing from these mountains and the climate are mixed together to brew GOZENSHU.

Grade Junmai Nigori
Polishing Ratio 65%
Rice Type Omachi
Alcohol 13%
Prefacture Okayama
Brewery Tsuji Honten

Sweet and sour aroma with a light and gentle taste due to natural lactic acid bacteria. Fruity with hints of nuttiness. Its light fizz makes for a clean and refreshing finish. Great drink!