Fruity Sake Bundle

Fruity Sake Bundle

Fruity Sake Bundle

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The most diverse option out of all the bundles. From citrusy delights to sweet treats, you can enjoy the most variety out of our selection of fruity sakes with this bundle. Including classics like Sakari Yuzu to crowd favourites like Kawatsuru Strawberry Nigori, there's something for everyone!

  1. Narutotai Sudachi Sake

    The fruity aroma and refreshing acidity of sudachi is a specialty of Tokushima Prefecture. It is slightly sweet, refreshing and crisp. Can be enjoyed chilled or on the rocks! Sudachi is a small citrus fruit about 4 cm in size, and is in the same family as the yuzu fruit. It is characterized by a refreshing aroma, a sharp sour taste, and the bittersweet taste of the skin. Refreshing and citrusy, this sake is a real easy drinker. Pairs well with salty dishes.

  2. Daishichi Kimoto Umeshu

    Very delicate plum liqueur on the basis of Kimoto sake, with a long finish; the refreshing alcohol wonderfully orchestrates the soft sweetness and the elegant acidity. A rich, mellow flavor with a velvety smoothness. Pairs well with appetizers; main dishes like sweet-and-sour pork with black rice vinegar and desserts containing chocolate, or with a variety of cheeses.

  3. Kawatsuru Strawberry Nigori (500ml)

    Unscented and uncolored strawberry liquor prepared by carefully mashing Sanuki strawberry grown in the blessings of the sun into coarsely strained strawberry liquor prepared with traditional brewery koji and firefly spring water. The sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the sweet and sour liquor are a perfect balance. In addition, you can enjoy a smooth taste with plenty of freshness and a wide range of strawberry pulp. Refreshing, smooth and pulpy, high acidity.

  4. Apprimo Sparkling Apple Juice (500ml)

    Best mix of apples with aroma, sweetness and sour taste. 100% pure apple juice from the farm's own orchard with soda. A refreshing non-alcoholic beverage with a strong apple aroma for all!

  5. Sakari Yuzu Sake (FREE!)

    The purest Yuzu juice is mixed with a 75% polished Junmai sake base to create the cleanest and freshest of flavours. It is light enough to enjoyed chilled on its own without diluting, and gives the impression that the fruit was just squeezed yesterday!

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