Akitora Junmai Gingo Tosanishiki

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This brewery is located in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, where the Akano River and its renowned sweetfish can also be found. A relatively small brewery, they bring a playful and adventurous spirit to their craft. Some might have you believe that the name Aki Tora – ‘The Tiger of Aki’ – derives from the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, who use Aki City as a spring training ground, but don’t be fooled. The name actually derives from Aki Kunitora, a feudal lord with a fiery history who once resided in the local castle.
Grade Junmai Ginjo
Polishing Ratio 50%
Rice Type Tosanishiki
Alcohol 15%
Prefacture Kochi
Brewery Arimitsu

Rich tropical aroma with notes of mango and banana. Quite voluminous with a full body yet has a clean, peppery dry finish.

The sip is agile and voluptuous at the same time thanks to the soft, almost glyceric notes, the freshness, the sapidity and the umami. And a great balance.