2.2 Bundle Deal + Free Sake Flask Set (Save Up To $68.90)

2.2 Bundle Deal + Free Sake Flask Set (Save Up To $68.90)
2.2 Bundle Deal + Free Sake Flask Set (Save Up To $68.90)
2.2 Bundle Deal + Free Sake Flask Set (Save Up To $68.90)
2.2 Bundle Deal + Free Sake Flask Set (Save Up To $68.90)
2.2 Bundle Deal + Free Sake Flask Set (Save Up To $68.90)

2.2 Bundle Deal + Free Sake Flask Set (Save Up To $68.90)

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This 2.2, enjoy 15% off from 5 different bundles and receive a FREE sake flask set! Click into the tabs of each bundle to learn more about the sakes. This is one of our best deals ever, so don't miss out! 

  1. Okura "Origin" Mizumoto Junmai Nama Genshu (U.P. $69): Junmai sake with "Mizumoto" jikomi, which is the origin of the current brewing method. Moderate refreshing aroma like pineapples. The taste is concentrated umami, followed by a strong acidity like a bite of Japanese citrus.

  2. Okura"Origin" Kodaimoto Junmai Nama Genshu (U.P. $69): Rich aroma reminiscent of aged cheese, milk, and matured apples. Creamy taste and umami spread throughout your mouth. Enjoy it on the rocks or with soda.
  1. Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Betsuatsurae (U.P. $79): A classic Junmai Ginjo from the brewery, which has a mild ginjo aroma and a strong acidity, can be enjoyed as an in-meal sake. A deep taste that combines plumpness in a gentle flow. Perfumed, bold, flavour forward. It has won the top trophy in its category twice.

  2. Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Bizen Omachi (U.P. $58): With a fragrance and taste of the wilderness, this omachi sake is ideal sake for food pairing. Green, clean and slight dryness to reset your palate between each mouthful or dishes. Omachi Summit 2019 Honour Award winner.
  1. Echizen Misaki Junmai (U.P. $58): In Japan, it is served with Echizen Crab as a warm sake as the rounded acidity and umami envelops it. You can feel the "ripening" richness that gradually spreads on your palate, leaving a firm finish at the end.

  2. Echizen Misaki Junmai Kuzuryu (U.P. $57): Inviting aroma of cedar wood with a hint of sour plum. Enveloping and velvety palate, with refreshing notes of green peppers. Its warm and lasting acidic finish makes it a great pairing with seafood. It has a soft acidity and a clean and sharp taste, so it is also recommended as a sake during meals. The rare rice variety "Kuzuryu" which translates to "nine-headed dragon" is very difficult to cultivate and few farmers are working on it, and was only revived for the first time in about 10 years.
  1. Daishichi Junmai Daiginjo Shoka (U.P. $150): “Shoka” means “Ode,” in ancient Greece a song of praise to celebrate the triumph of heroes. The refined and graceful aroma and seductive umami of Shoka harmonize at a higher level with the extra-sophisticated, invigoratingly powerful mouth-feel and the enchanting, satisfying aftertaste.

  2. Daishichi Junmai Kimoto Sokai Reishu (U.P. $56): “Sokai reishu” means “refreshing cold sake”, this sake is made to be enjoyed chilled and is Daishichi's best-selling seasonal product. The rich taste has well-balanced umami which spreads in the mouth and a long finish. Easy to drink and goes well with all kinds of food thanks to its umami. Pairs well with yakitori, grilled chicken, fried scallops, crab, seafood hotpot, spaghetti carbonara.
  1. Nihonsakari Junmai Ginjo Souhana (U.P. $60): A favourite of the Imperial Family, only made available to the public in 1970. This was used for the coronation of 4 Emperors. Souhana is one of the most versatile sake, fresh crisp and gentle when chilled, and deep, matured and settled flavours with a velvety texture when warmed.

  2. Nihonsakari Junmai Daiginjo Souhana (U.P. $88): This is a upgrade to the beloved Souhana Junmai Ginjo who have been loved for more than 100 years. Rice driven aromas, with hints of apple and white grape. Creamy mouthfeel, rich body while being clean and structured. This sake matches well with tempura, unagi, Beijing duck and sweet and sour pork.
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