Private classes

We organise private saké tasting classes, to educate attendees about the fragrance, sweetness or dryness, acidity level, presence, tail, amongst other characteristics. Contact us for a beginner’s saké appreciation crash course, or a veteran’s saké tasting session over a wide array of premium saké brews.

Saké Pairing Dinners

We conduct saké pairing dinners, by recommending a complementary saké for each course. A common misconception is that saké only complements Japanese cuisine, but we have successfully defunct the myth by hosting countless pairing sessions with Asian and European cuisine.

Akin to food x wine pairing, we match our premium sakés by developing the each plate through differences in fragrance, sweetness, dryness, fullness and other characteristics which promise to tantalise your taste buds in unexpected ways.

Join us when we host saké pairing dinners on an epicurean adventure, or call us to pair our premium sakés with your private dinners and celebrations.




Spearheading the Singapore Saké Community, Inter Rice Asia hosts meet ups fortnightly where like-minded saké enthusiasts gather over saké pairing sessions and BYOB tasting events to explore and embrace The Art of Saké.  
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