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Founded by Yososaku Obata in 1892, OBATA SHUZO prides itself for using the traditional handmade methods for more than a hundred years, with great appreciation for the abundant nature that surrounds the beautiful island. OBATA SHUZO is located on Sado Island in Niigata. Starting with pure, high quality groundwater, and world-famous rice, Sado Island has become known as an excellent place to produce sake.

Niigata prefecture is well-known as "JIZAKE KINGDOM".
"JIZAKE" is the sake which is made in local area and in small amount. So usually JIZAKE is consumed only in the area around its brewery. Many Japanese sake fans love JIZAKE because of its quality , character and history.
Niigata is named "JIZAKE KINGDOM" because there are so many small breweries which makes good quality sake.

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