At Amami Oshima Nishikawa sake, we are working hard and sincerely in one of the Amami Islands "Tokunoshima". Brown sugar shochu is our speciality - the main raw material is brown sugar and natural spring water from the nature of Tokunoshima.

From Kagoshima Prefecture, the mainland to the south about 500km -. It is located almost in the center of the Amami Islands, surrounded by a sea of emerald green. The average annual temperature is 21.1 degrees and mild, such as a special natural monument of Amami rabbit and the Ryukyu salicina, also extant valuable life. Clean water which is indispensable to the delicious brown sugar shochu is nurtured in the earth of this rich island.

We always take advantage of the five senses, taking careful management. The proper use several storage container, you can refine the gem of whiskeys. And cordially to one by one, we have to ship by hand. These brings out the best taste and aroma of brown sugar, please enjoy all means the master brewer proud of gem.