Sakes for Bekuhai!

Get a free set of Bekuhai (worth $35) for every order above $250, from 1-15 June! Drinking games like Bekuhai can be a lot of fun (see the rules here) - they help to break the ice, get people to unwind, and make everyone at least a little tipsy in the process. But before you get started, you need to choose the best alcoholic drinks for your game (or in this case, the ideal sake for Bekuhai). After all, sake aren’t all the same!

For a fast-paced game like Bekuhai, you'll need something easy-to-drink, super crushable, and most of all, budget friendly - because let's face (heh) it, do you think one bottle will be enough?

Browse below for the sakes that we think are the best fit for Bekuhai (or if you just wanna get drunk on a lower budget)!