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International Fruit Day is just round the corner, come celebrate with our selection of limited fruit-themed bundles! Including classics like Sakari Yuzu to crowd favourites like Kawatsuru Strawberry Nigori, there's something for everyone!

Umeshu Bundle

Umeshu is made by steeping entire ume (plum) fruits in sake and sugar. The mixture is left to ripen and the sweetness and unique aroma of the fruit are absorbed by the alcohol it is resting in. As such, the liqueur has a sweet and rich taste and is, with an alcohol content of around 10% to 15%, making it very easy to drink. Umeshu is a beverage that even appeals to people who aren't that fond of alcoholic drinks; the succulent sweetness and full-bodied aroma can be enjoyed ice cold, at room temperature, or even hot! Enjoy our entire umeshu selection with this bundle!

Sake Selection

1) Kawatsuru Plum Sake (500ml)

It is a thick plum wine that is made by soaking plums in sake made by traditional techniques and using plenty of rough ripe plum pulp. You can enjoy the whole plum with richness. Notes of apple, honey and plum.

2) Toko Ginjo Umeshu (500ml)

Its Ginjo fragrance is so vivid you would forget this is plum sake. Its fruity flavor makes you imagine peaches, ‘La France” (European pear), and young plum. It has its very own charter and perfection - “There’s no plum sake like this”, said a professional taster. This is the only Plum sake that won the first place* in three plum sake competitions in Japan.

3) Daishichi Kimoto Umeshu

Very delicate plum liqueur on the basis of Kimoto sake, with a long finish; the refreshing alcohol wonderfully orchestrates the soft sweetness and the elegant acidity. A rich, mellow flavor with a velvety smoothness. Pairs well with appetizers; main dishes like sweet-and-sour pork with black rice vinegar and desserts containing chocolate, or with a variety of cheeses.

4) Hideyoshi Umeshu (300ml, FREE!)

Lovely full plum flavors with hints of toasty notes such as oak. Very balanced for an umeshu, lush and full on the palate, with gentle astringency to help regulate the sweetness. Made by steeping plums for 3 years in Junmai GInjo sake, followed by a maturation period of 2 years.