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Brand Marketing, Japanese Business -

On brand marketing in Singapore, storytelling plays an important role. Adrian commented on how most breweries tend to market their products focusing on how high quality water and rice, or good and rich soil for rice growth is used to make their sake. However, this gets old over time and consumers do not actually remember what they have tried before. 

For example, a brewery he once visited in Japan takes a very different approach, incorporating modern day sensibilities into their image branding by changing the way they introduced their sake. Instead of the usual, the brewery focuses on making their sake using cutting-edge methods. Additionally, the brewery adopts different modern designs for its product packaging each time, ensuring the brand stays fresh and relevant to the present day. While the designs might differ in each product release, Adrian notes that it always follows a common vision and story. This is how a brand can differentiate itself from others and make consumers remember them. 

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Female Brewer/Owner, Gozenshu -

Tsuji Honten

Tsuji Honten brewery started in 1804 in the ridiculously picturesque country town of Katsuyama in Okayama prefecture. Their brand name “Gozenshu” was coined when they become the official sake makers for the local lord later in the 1800’s. “Gozenshu” literally translates as ‘Sake for the Lord’, but more appropriately (and way cooler) as “Gentleman Sake” (perhaps a special release name for Melbourne Sake in the making). They have been family owned ever since, with Maiko being the first family member to take on the responsibility of brewing and her brother, Soichiro, taking care of the business side of things.

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Sanzen -

Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Omachi won the Grand Gold Prize at the 2020 Fine Sake Awards. It represents the top 2.8% of their category!

Their Sanzen Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi and Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Genshu also won the Gold Prize in their respective categories at the same competition!

You can check out Sanzen Sake here on our website! It is on offer for the next week!

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Ayumasamune, Female Brewer/Owner, Gozenshu, Kawatsuru, Manotsuru, Warehouse Sale -

Due to current climate of Covid-19, we have had to cancel many sake events, including Sake Matsuri Spring 2020. As such we decide to push our Spring Sake Warehouse Sale online!

In conjunction with International Women's Day on March 8th, we decide to focus our theme this Warehouse sale to Sake Breweries with strong Female influences!

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Brewery Visit, Kamoizumi -

Team visit to Kamoizumi Brewery in Saijo Town, Hiroshima!

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